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 Quillaja saponaria - Yucca schidigera
A natural solution for healthier
more productive crops.

Desert King International utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring you unique products from nature. Unique substances of the highest quality that will add the “Royal Touch” to your products.

Desert King has been producing food grade Yucca schidigera extracts as natural foaming agents for the beverage industry continuously since 1978 and Quillaja Saponaria extracts since 1996. In 1994 this same food grade processing technology was applied to the agricultural industry to produce the purest, most cost effective Yucca schidigera products available. Yucca Ag-Aide™.

In 2001 Desert King expanded its agriculture product line to include Quillaja saponaria products QL Agri™. A new, cost effective 100% natural crop treatment product with unique qualities. Often used as organic nematode control or as a natural wetting agent, these extracts may be ingredients in downstream products but are sometimes used in directly. They may be supplied as products for resale, or as OEM products for re-labeling under a retailers branding.

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