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Animal Feed Compositions And Uses Of Triterpenoid Saponin Obtained From Camellia L. Plants

An animal feed composition is disclosed which comprises triterpenoid saponin obtained from Camellia L. plants and having the properties of improving immune function, enhancing antibacterium and antivirus activities, antimutation, antioxidation and scavenging free radicals in human beings and animals.

Feed And Feed Additive For Livestock, Poultry And Nursery Fishes For Increasing Disease, Pusedorabie

A feed for livestock, poultry and fishes for increasing a disease, pseudorabies resistance wherein a bile powder and bacterial cell containing peptidoglycan are mix in a basic feed in order to reduce losses due to infectious diseases including pseudorabies, by increasing the physical function of livestock, poultry and fishes using as little medicine as possible; and a feed additive for livestock, poultry and fishes including bile powder and bacterial cells containing peptidoglycan. Yabiki , et al. December 7, 1993

by Yabiki , et al.

Method of Enhancing the Ability of Cattle and Swine to Resist Aujesky's Disease

A method of enhancing the ability of cattle and swine to resist diseases caused by microorganisms which comprises the steps of adding an antimicrobial effective amount in a range of 0.01 to 0.2% by weight of bile powder to a livestock feed and administering the livestock feed prepared to the cattle and swine. The method may also comprise adding a pharmaceutical effective amount of one of the following: licorice, garlic or quillaja powders or extracts thereof to the livestock feed.

by Hamano, et Al

Oral Composition for Ensuring a High Quality Milk EP 1219178A1

An oral composition, an animal feed or a feed additive containing an active amount of quillaja powder, as well as the use there of for a daily consumption of milk-producing farm animals. Good health conditions are obtained for the farm animals and the produced milk, in which a normal level of the somatic cell count is ensured.

Inventors: Elgaard, Troels Rasmussen, Anette Bjornhauge2660 Brondby Strand (DK) 2690 Karslunde (DK)


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